Custom Cutting Fluid Solutions

When a metal chip curls ahead of the face of a tool, the only barrier that allows the chip to separate from the workpiece is the cutting fluid. As a drill flute differs from a broach tooth, each metal cutting process places different demands on fluid technology.

By carefully balancing a complex matrix of variables, including viscosity, heat transfer, film strength, surface tension, and chemical lubricity, Benz metalworking specialists work to maximize the performance of each tool and minimize the need for multiple fluids.

A fluid solution that optimizes cutting performance must also provide a safe working environment, protect the machine tool, and minimize maintenance. All Benz cutting fluids – straight oil or water dilutable – are supported by technical and application specialists to keep the manufacturing environment safe and trouble-free, and are developed to be fully compliant with Health, Safety, and Environmental regulations.

Ready to learn more? Take a look at our cutting-specific straight oils and water dilutable lubricants below.