Grinding Solutions Unique to You

Removing heat and reducing friction during the grinding process is vital to increasing wheel life, maintaining workpiece geometry, and achieving surface finish goals. The Benz team of metalworking specialists work with part manufacturers to optimize each grinding operation.

Carefully considering multifaceted production goals allows us to prescribe the best lubricant solution from an extensive selection of grinding fluids - both straight and water dilutable – formulated and manufactured in our Milwaukee, WI facility.

Some of the many aspects of grinding our team considers include the following, with our overall goal of reducing our customer’s cost to serve:

  • Surface finish
  • Wheel life
  • Part dimension & composition
  • Dressing interval
  • Filtration
  • Dirt load
  • Energy consumption
  • Plant environment
  • Health & Safety profile

Ready to learn more? Take a look at our grinding-specific straight oils and water dilutable lubricants below.