High Performance Grinding Fluids

BENZ GRIND High Performance grinding fluids are exceptionally stable grinding oils formulated to prevent grinding burn and residual stress by minimizing grinding zone temperatures. These light-colored fluids are formulated with a unique combination of synthetic friction modifiers and are carefully balanced to ensure maximum product purity and filterability.

Only BENZ GRIND High Performance grinding fluids deliver the benefits from the synergistic surface active chemistry developed through extensive tribological research conducted by Benz, The University of Wisconsin Engineering School and the US Department of Defense. Benz GRIND High Performance is available in a range of viscosities (4, 6, 10, 15 & 22) to allow for greater flexibility in product selection.

Performance benefits include:

  Reduces grinding temperatures to improve wheel life and part geometry

  Reduces grinding costs 

  Keeps machines clean 

  Decreases cycle times 

  Resists misting for a cleaner facility       

  Low foam & fast air release to allow fluid to reach the wheel/part interface         

  High flash point & low volatility for improved environmental acceptance

  High worker acceptance

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