Straight Oil Cutting Fluid

A Legacy of Results: Straight Oil for Cutting

Benz has invested decades of research and development to design a portfolio of cutting fluids that allows our specialists to optimize, and overcome, various manufacturing challenges.

Over forty Benz straight cutting fluids define a matrix of active & passive extreme pressure agents, hydrodynamic lubricants and viscometrics that can maximize production for any permutation of metal cutting operations, alloys, tooling and filtration.

Sulfo-chlorinated straight oil cutting fluids fortified with hydrodynamic lubricants to maximize film strength and prevent metal-to-metal contact in all machining operations.

  • Provided in viscosity ranges from 12 cSt@40C to 90 cSt@40C for optimal balance between lubrication, film strength and heat removal
  • Does not stain copper in incidental machine contact
  • Lighter viscosity products of the series are formulated with anti-mist additives to reduce product loss and improve the working environment
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Chlorinated cutting oils designed for extreme pressure and high removal cutting operations.

  • Provided in viscosity ranges from 20 cSt@40C to 35 cSt@40C for specific application requirements
  • Additional hydrodynamic lubricant additives complement the chemical extreme pressure action of the chlorine to transition every cut with the best barrier to prevent metal-to-metal contact
  • A range of chlorine content from 1.6% to 8.1% offer a targeted approach to machining operations without wasteful over-engineering
  • Light color to improve sighting while machining
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Straight oil cutting fluids that utilize passive extreme pressure additives that can replace chlorinated products.

  • Passive extreme pressure agents provide improved barrier films very low activation temperatures and pressures, making them suitable for low speed machining applications
  • Available with and without additional sulfur extreme pressure technology to provide the best option for specific applications
  • Provides an extremely strong film barrier ideal for yellow metal cutting
  • All products in the series are fortified with hydrodynamic lubricants to complement the action of the passive extreme pressure chemistry
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Fully formulated straight oils utilizing distinct combinations of extreme pressure agents.

  • Viscosity ranges from 14 cSt@40C to 55 cSt@40C for demanding metal removal rates
  • Products are fortified with hydrodynamic lubricants for superior film strength
  • Available products with inactive sulfur for yellow metal sensitive applications
  • Application of phosphorus ensures improved surface finishes
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Innovation Backed by Research

Benz Oil translates research into field success. We have validated our understanding of metal cutting chemistry with years of successful production machining. To aid the development process, Benz has established a network of machine shops where we monitor power curves, surface finish, stock removal, tool life, filter cycles and other performance parameters of test fluids. This field experience helps ensure machining success with reduced risk to production.

Take a look at some of our most successful straight oil grinding fluid solutions above, and contact us to find the right lubricant for you.

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