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Stay Productive Throughout Grinding

High value machines, tools and parts intersect at a single point – a thin film of lubricant. The Benz commitment to Tribology, the science of interacting surfaces in motion, has guided over one hundred years of innovative grinding oil based lubricant development.

Our extensive line of oil based grinding lubricants are designed to maintain that essential film strength through an optimized combination of viscosity, hydrodynamic lubrication and extreme pressure film technology. Scores of Benz fluids utilizing hundreds of materials keep thousands of grinding applications productive while improving the overall quality and life of the equipment.

Globally recognized high performance grinding technology optimized for grinding productivity.

  • Highly refined Group II base oils with additional anti-oxidant technology to protect the product through years of sump life
  • Viscosity grades from 4 cSt@40C to 68 cSt@40C and ideal for all ferrous, yellow metal and superalloy grinding

Advanced and fortified application of BENZ GRIND technology for higher rates of metal removal, tighter tolerances and lower surface finish.

  • Utilizes active sulfur as an extra frictional barrier to prevent metal-to-metal contact in aggressive grinding applications
  • Available from 6 cSt@40C to 32 cSt@40C to allow for the optimum viscosity for specific grinding applications and flash point restrictions

Designed for grinding cemented tungsten carbide by increasing filter life and maintaining the cleanliness that precision grinding demands.

  • Provides the performance required to grind the hardest metals
  • Optimized inactive sulfur make it safe for yellow metals
  • Available from 6 cSt@40C to 32 cSt@40C and dually protected from oxidation

Low viscosity grinding oil technology with exceptional anti-mist properties and maximum heat removal.

  • Optimized polar lubricants balanced with extreme pressure chemistry to provide chemical and hydrodynamic friction reduction and maximum heat removal
  • Low viscosity for fine grinding and honing of ferrous metals with superb filtration characteristics
  • Additional R&O chemistry and antioxidants protects parts and fluid for years of service

Synthetic fluid utilized in the most elite of tool grinding and flat honing applications.

  • Optimized inactive sulfur extreme pressure technology suitable for ferrous, yellow metal and superalloy grinding
  • Enhanced with the most recent improvements in anti-mist and anti-oxidation technology
  • Low viscosity and low volatility with a flash point >300⁰F provides flawless filtration in fine carbide grinding

Synthetic oil technology designed for carbide grinding applications minimizes viscosity creep in the most demanding fine filtration systems.

  • Low viscosity, high flash point and hydrodynamic lubrication allow for ferrous application in multi-metal tool manufacturers
  • Antioxidant technology guards against contamination from less stable fluids common in industrial applications
  • Naturally low foaming, superior air release and low volatility assure fluid delivery in systems utilizing filter aids

Innovation Backed by Research

Benz has engaged with research agencies and institutions, including the University of Wisconsin, the Defense Logistics Agency and Marquette University, in pioneering research that has expanded the understanding of grinding oil dynamics at the molecular level.

Our researchers have played a key role in establishing the mechanisms of extreme pressure film formation and the vital role polar oil based lubrications and fluid viscosity plays in grinding. We continue to participate and sponsor research to optimize fluid performance and sump life. Our team has utilized these findings in developing our straight grinding oil products.

Take a look at some of our most successful straight oil solutions and contact us to find the right grinding oil based lubricant for you.

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