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When grinding, the right fluid removes heat and provides lubrication in an equilibrium that optimizes production goals. Benz water dilutable grinding fluids provide the unsurpassed cooling inherent in water-based technology, while fulfilling a wide variety of lubrication needs.

Throughout the history of Benz, our team has been dedicated to developing innovative products, including our TECHNI KOOL line of oil-rejecting synthetics. These water dilutable solutions are well known for their biological protection which:

  • Reduce plant odors
  • Increase ease of filtering
  • Maximize operator acceptance
  • Optimize in-process corrosion protection
  • Enhance cleanliness and ease of oil removal

Lightest in Benz’s water-extendable fluids, TECHNI KOOL 50 provides low foam, superior corrosion protection, and excellent cooling to grinding production.

  • Completely oil-rejecting fluid providing extended sump life
    Actively inhibits bacterial and fungal growth
  • Provides an economical choice in water-based grinding due to its low effective concentration requirements and minimal carryout

Superior wetting additives and low foam wets grinding wheels more effectively and sheets off parts for reduced usage.

  • Completely oil-rejecting fluid provides effective in-process corrosion protection
  • Eliminates sump odor through an effective biocide approved for both fungal and bacterial control
  • Product drains thoroughly from parts and chips, reducing product usage and fluid carryout

By reducing friction and delivering the excellent heat transfer of a water-extendable fluid, TECHNI KOOL 100 extends the application of water-based grinding fluids into higher feed and speed applications.

  • Low usage, excellent corrosion protection, and extended sump life of a synthetic fluid.
  • Synthetic polymeric lubricants reduce friction at the grinding interface while remaining soluble in the fluid sump

The flagship of the Benz water-based grinding series that delivers polymeric lubrication and unparalleled cooling with enhanced filtration and machine cleanliness.

  • Unique cleaning technology keeps the graphite generated in high carbon alloy grinding off the machine & parts and in the sump & filter
  • Superior corrosion control chemistry and effective biological control
  • Synthetic lubrication for high stock removal grinding applications and general machining

Developed for carbide grinding and engineered to withstand fine filtration systems that strip fluids of their lubricants, reduce performance, and induce foaming.

  • Oil rejecting synthetic provides the lubrication required to machine carbide
  • Prevents machine corrosion, eliminates biological and odor issues, and maintains low cobalt fluid levels

Innovative Products, Expert Solutions

All of the products in the Benz TECHNI KOOL line provide excellent cooling to dissipate the heat developed during grinding, all with a range of lubrication levels to support a variety of grinding needs.

Take a look at some of our most successful water dilutable oil solutions above, and contact us to find the right lubricant for you.

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