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Custom Formulated to Run Smoothly

The fine mesh of gears is a complex combination of sliding and rolling surfaces operating over an extensive range of speeds and temperatures. Knowing this, our gear lubricants ensure gears have been formulated to run smoothly and reduce wear associated with gear motion. From refined petroleum to synthetic base stocks, in straight grades and multi-weights, Benz formulates gear oils for both industrial and automotive applications.

Take a look at some of our gear lubricant product series below and contact our team to find the right solution for you.

High quality industrial gear oils utilizing highly refined base oil to resist oxidation and sludge formation.

  • Available in AGMA grades from 2A to 8A Comp
  • Specialized grades for worm gears
  • Extreme pressure chemistry ensures all grades pass FZG Stage 12
  • All GEAROLs are low foaming, corrosion resistant, water demulsifying

Multi weight gear oils based on highly refined base oils and designed for hypoid gear sets.

  • Available in 80W-90, 80W-140, and 85W-140 grades
  • Mack GO-J approved, GEAR MASTER oils can be used in most limited slip differentials
  • Formulated with superior corrosion resistance for multi-metals

Synthetic gear lubricants formulated for heavy duty applications over a wide temperature range.

  • Extreme pressure chemistry ensures all grades pass FZG Stage 13+
  • Available in ISO grades from 32 to 680 and Multi-weight grades 75W-90 and 80W-140
  • Multi-weight grades meet API MT-1 and GL-5 EP classifications including those for limited slip differentials
  • Superior corrosion control including yellow metal inhibition

Synthetic industrial bearing, gear, and axle lubricants formulated to maintain viscosity at high operating temperatures.

  • Available in ISO grades 32 to 680 and axle grades CD 50, 75W-90, and 80W-140
  • Superior thermal stability and extreme pressure performance to eliminate sludge and maintain film strength
  • Low pour points make SYN TECH suitable for outdoor application
  • Pass FZG Stage 10 to 12+ depending on grade

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