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Specialty Hydraulic Oil Solutions for All Conditions

The extensive application of hydraulics defines a wide range of operating conditions – from sub-zero leveling systems in Alaska to molten metal forging operations. Benz provides specialized fluids to provide the fluid power, heat transfer and anti-wear properties for the most demanding conditions.

Our Factory Mutual (FM) approved hydraulic fluids are approved for fire resistant applications. We also offer a full line of outdoor equipment hydraulic fluids designed to function in the worst weather conditions, and products specifically designed to withstand the severe oxidative conditions of injection molding machines and gerotors.

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Factory Mutual approved polyol fire-resistant hydraulic fluid.

  • FM approval reduces risk of fire propagation and can lower insurance costs
  • Superior anti-wear performance provides long term protection to hydraulic sumps
  • Compatibility with most polyol and petroleum based hydraulic fluids allows for low cost conversion
  • 60 cSt@40C viscosity allows application across the ISO 46 to ISO 68 range

Water-based Factory Mutual approved glycol fire-resistant hydraulic fluid.

  • Low cost FM approved option allows the use of water to protect high temperature operations
  • FM approval reduces risk of fire propagation and can lower insurance costs
  • Simply dilution-viscosity chart allows for easy make-up and maintenance

Specially formulated anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed for the high temperatures and shear of gerotor hydraulic pumps.

  • Superior base oil quality and dual-approach anti-oxidant technology reduces viscosity build and sludge formation in the extreme temperatures of gerotor hydraulic pumps
  • Superior anti-wear technology protects the gerotor system and minimizes metal loss
  • Multi-metal compatibility protects yellow metal components

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