Our talented and dedicated team has developed and implemented products that have moved the needle in world class manufacturing environments for well over 100 years. Here’s how we do it.

Advancing Lubrication… The Right Products – the Right People

Our talented and dedicated team has developed and implemented products that have moved the needle in world class manufacturing environments for well over 100 years. We use a state-of-the art laboratory to custom formulate lubrication solutions for each of our customers, and strive to build relationships with the people that we are privileged to work with.

By taking a people-first approach to our customers’ needs, we get to intimately learn about your organization and processes, and help uncover opportunities for cutting costs and improving efficiency. Then, we use our invaluable combination of people, technology, and innovative thinking to develop a solution that makes a real difference.

How We Approach Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants are utilized to reduce the friction and wear that result in hundreds of millions of dollars of annual expenses for manufacturers across the globe. By providing either a physical or chemical film to reduce the coefficient of friction, or remove heat from an operation, the right lubricants can make a valuable difference in your bottom line through improved machine life.

Knowing the impact that the right industrial lubricant can have on your organization, we take the time to learn about your unique equipment and applications, all to find the optimal balance of reducing friction and removing heat. We also consider:

  • Capability of people operating the equipment
  • Work environment
  • Age and type of equipment
  • Budget

Industrial Oil and Lubrication Products

Whatever your need, Benz has the solution.

  • grinding-straight-oil-single-product

    Grinding Solutions Unique to You

    Removing heat and reducing friction during the grinding process is vital to increasing wheel life, maintaining workpiece geometry, and achieving surface finish goals. The Benz team of metalworking specialists work with part manufacturers to optimize each grinding operation, with an extensive selection of grinding fluids – both straight and water dilutable.

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  • cutting-featured

    Custom Cutting Fluid Solutions

    A fluid solution that optimizes cutting performance must also provide a safe working environment, protect the machine tool, and minimize maintenance. All Benz cutting fluids – straight oil or water dilutable – are supported by technical and application specialists to keep the manufacturing environment safe and trouble-free, and are developed to be fully compliant with Health, Safety, and Environmental regulations.

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  • close-up of automobile engine or transmission steel gear box

    Quality Lubricants for Production

    Industrial production equipment is a significant investment. Once in production, proper machine maintenance is essential for keeping production time high and repair costs low.

    Benz works with manufacturers to ensure that the capital investment in equipment and the resource investment in maintenance is supported with high quality lubricants. Our maintenance fluids carry the approvals that certify long life, protect equipment and high productivity in hydraulic sumps, gear boxes, machine spindles, slideways, and turbines.

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  • operator inspection dimension of high precision cnc turning parts

    Surface Treatment Solutions That Work

    Whether preparing parts for manufacturing operations or protecting them from environmental elements, our surface treatment fluids can positively impact the quality of your products.

    Benz manufactures a line of cleaners and corrosion preventives for most industrial applications. Whether cleaning part surfaces or protecting them from the environment, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Metal Hose Forming Process

    Progressive Metalforming Solutions

    Although there is great variety in the types of metalforming operations in practice, the primary objective in deformation processes is to produce a desired shape change. Controlling wear and the generation of heat, in both a tool and workpiece, as metal flows is the main function of a metalforming lubricant. With a wide range of application specific forming products, Benz can meet the physical needs for operations across the board.

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  • Hot iron in smeltery held by a worker

    One Partner, Countless Solutions

    From automotive lubricants to food grade grease, Benz serves as a premier partner when it comes to lubrication. Our team of experts, along with our innovative oil analysis laboratory, have helped establish Benz as the go-to partner for all things lubrication, for over the past hundred years.

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