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Eliminate Residues With Our Industrial Cleaners

Eliminating fluid residues and removing particulates that build on parts as they progress through machining operations is a critical component of the manufacturing process. Ineffective surfacet cleaning can compromise dimensional integrity, surface finish and impede the application of paint and other protective coatings.

Benz offers a broad line of industrial cleaners designed for use on multiple metals and in a variety of cleaning applications that also deliver in-process corrosion protection. Considering some of the many parameters that include:

Part Geometry
Particulate and Residue Analysis
Process Equipment
Time & Temperature
Benz specialists will identify the right product to meet the needs of your specific application. In addition to in-process cleaners, the portfolio also includes maintenance cleaners for floors, machines and metalworking sumps.

Water-based cleaners for multiple applications including parts washers, hard surface, circulating systems, floors and general industrial applications.

Superior grade circulating machine cleaner.

Specifically designed for hard surface industrial cleaning.

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