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You can read all about us, but we believe that hearing from our team (and our happy customers) through video is really powerful. Get to know us below and learn about everything from the history of Benz to specific case studies and success stories.

The Benz Story

Benz Oil has a proud history dating back to 1898.

Moving The Needle In Manufacturing

Benz has the focus, resources, and technical experience to lower the risks of change.

Why Benz - Service & Support

Manufacturers choose Benz not just for their quality products, but for solid service and support.

Benz Oil New LIMS System

Uploaded August 7th, 2016

Anti-Mist Video Benz Oil

Discover how Benz helps their customers overcome the risk of change.

ULTRA GUARD 552 In Depth

ULTRA GUARD 522 Factory Mutual fire resistant hydraulic fluid is discussed by Benz experts.

ULTRA GUARD 552 Commercial

ULTRA GUARD 552 is a factory mutual approved fire resistant hydraulic fluid designed by Benz.

Introducing BENZ KOOL 1300

New in semi-synthetic cutting and grinding

BENZ KOOL 1300 Job Shop Benefits

Discover features and benefits of BENZ KOOL 1300

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